Virtual Events

We believe that transference of knowledge has no boundaries or borders. Our vision is to create connections for better opportunities.

KAMA has managed all types of virtual meetings. From a single day webinars to full global conferences. We provide a guide to help you with technology and digital conference options developing at a rapid pace.

Our team has the skills and tools beside the up to date technology to help you facilitate events and achieve your targets.

Our Services / What we offer


We offer an online inspiring website that enables you to publish your event and contents by making it available before and after your conference has concluded.


Our registration system varies to accommodate all types, from a simple registration form for a free webinar to a full registration form for a multi-day virtual events and conferences.


We make the event successful by providing you and your speakers with information, guidance, and even training, to ensure that their contents are delivered effectively.


We provide you with a full analyzed data, forwarding a complete report outlining the participants and effectiveness of your event for you, the delegates, and sponsors.

Our Services / What you will get

  • Integrated Registration System
  • Mobile Compatibility and Usability
  • Multiple Access Levels
  • Variable Price Options
  • Speaker Management Service
  • Stream Speakers Live and/or Record Presentations.
  • Interactive Chat for Attendees
  • Onboard Surveys and Polls.
  • Post evaluation formsĀ 
  • User Management
  • Integrate with our school to turn your webinars into online courses.
  • Accreditation and Certificates

Create Your Own New Event

Bring people together, or turn your passion into a business. KAMA Conference gives you everything you need to host your best event yet. Our team offers an extraordinary depth of talent and experience, have the tools and skills that can add huge value to your project.